Luís Miguel Lopes Lourenço
PhD Student
Assistant of the 2nd triennial of Scientific-Technical Colleges of Engineering and Technology, Polytechnic Institute of Guarda, Portugal. Presently he is a student of PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management in the area of Ergonomics, has received the MSc Diploma of Control and Industrial Maintenance Systems and is graduated in Industrial Engineering. His teaching activities are on Ergonomics and also 3D modeling. His areas of research are ergonomics, digital manufacturing and rapid prototyping.

Pitarma, R. A.; Lourenço, L. M. L.; Ferreira, B.; Simões, J.: ''Workplace Health Promotion by Modelling Pollutant Exposure Risk''; Atención Primaria, Vol. 46, No. Esp. Congreso, pp. 1:57, November, 2014.