Kamal Kerbouche
PhD Student
Kamal Kerbouche was born in Jijel, Algeria in 1991. He received the B.Sc, M.Sc degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Jijel, Algeria in 2008 and 2013, respectively. Currently he is a PhD Student at the University of Biskra, Algeria. His research interests are focused on control, condition monitoring of AC motors and energy efficiency in AC variable speed drives systems.

Kerbouche, K.; Cardoso, A. J. M.; Yahia, K.; Mellit, A.: ''Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of a Directly Coupled Water Pumping System, Using a Photovoltaic-Fed Synchronous Reluctance Motor''; International Conference on Electronic Engineering and Renewable Energy, Saidia, Morocco, pp. 1-6, April, 2018.